Compassion & Choices has raised the visibility and importance of end-of-life planning through digital ads, direct mail, print ads and video development. USA Today included a Compassion & Choices ad in their special edition Black History Month feature, which was distributed to more than 5 million people via print and online.

Planning Equals Peace and Love, Life and Legacy

Our Planning Equals Peace” and “Love, Life and Legacy” campaigns are designed to reach the African American community in a culturally competent way and inspire them to get their end-of-life plans in order. 

Planning Equals Peace and Love, Live and Legacy Ad

Planning Equals Peace” and “Love, Life and Legacy ad # 2

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Why I Give

The “Why I give Campaign” is a social media campaign featuring members of our African American leadership council describing why they contribute to our goal of engaging racial and ethnically diverse communities in end-of-life planning.

Why I give ad campaign feature Jason Gaulden


Across the country and via video conference, we conduct presentations about end-of-life planning and care with an emphasis on reaching the African American community.

Banner showing African American Couple talking about advance healthcare plans


A sampling of the topics we cover is below:  

End-of-Life Empowerment/Planning 

Dementia End-of-Life Care

End-of-Life Care Options

Equity in End-of-Life Care

If you are interested in booking a presentation, please contact us.


Black History Month

Each February, in recognition of Black History Month, we lift up the voices of African Americans who have been vocal champions for improved end-of-life care.  In 2022, we heard from four advocates: