As campaign manager for Doctors for Dignity, I bring more than 15 years of experience in public policy and government relations, most recently in the areas of tobacco control, health care access and gun-violence prevention. My training is in Family Medicine & Community Health and I was a candidate for the Minnesota House of Representatives in 2000.

My personal mission is to bring the voice and perspective of physicians into policy discussions. Having witnessed tremendous suffering at the end of life, physicians are critical partners in changing the conversation around end-of-life options. Thank you for leading.

As aid in dying legislative campaigns gain momentum across the nation, there will be many ways doctors can help, such as submitting letters to the editor, testifying before your state legislature, or attending events. Watch for Doctors for Dignity notices about opportunities to hone your speaking skills, master the data, and answer the opposition.

On behalf of desperate, dying patients, thank you for your advocacy. I look forward to working together.

Rebecca Thoman, M.D. Campaign Manager, Doctors for Dignity [email protected]