D'Monte Farley wearing a dress shirt and tie in front of a concrete wall

D’Monte Farley 

Doctors for Dignity End-of-Life Disparities Intern 

It was definitely a positive experience. There were parts [of the internship] that were sad, especially talking with families about making tough decisions with their loved ones. But I think it was impactful and important for me to be able to see that. It prepared me for what's to come. 

The internship gave me more confidence, with these difficult conversations. Previously it would've been something I shied away from. But it’s a part of medicine; people die, people get really sick, and you have to make those decisions. Having all the education and resources in front of me and practicing it out every day on rotations and through this internship, it’s given me more confidence. 

Caylon Pettis 2023 Doctors for Dignity Intern

Caylon Pettis 

Doctors for Dignity End-of-Life Disparities Intern 

I was able to do advance directive planning with my grandma and my mom and some of my family members. It was something that I just never really thought about until I did the internship. Having those conversations with them became a lot easier when I had the information and knew what to say. I really enjoy having these types of conversations with patients. 

It's almost a spiritual journey with a lot of patients when you're providing the mental and psychosocial support that they need during this time.

I listen to how they lived their lives and talk to them about making the most of their time left.