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Sample California End of Life Option Act Hospice Policy and Procedures

Sample CCRC/Assisted Living CA End of Life Option Act Model Policy

For Pharmacists

Your relationship with patients can help ensure they receive care they truly want.

Pharmacist2Pharmacist helps pharmacy professionals provide accurate information and up-to-date care to patients with prescriptions for aid-in-dying medications. It can be difficult to discuss a patient’s terminal illness and death — and crucial for pharmacists to knowledgeably consult directly with patients and caregivers about medications intended to bring about a peaceful death.

The knowledge you give to patients and caregivers will help patients understand the aid-in-dying medication protocols. A resource tailored to pharmacists, Pharmacist2Pharmacist, offers you important documents and a readily available, free and confidential telephone consultation with a pharmacist in Oregon or Washington experienced with medical aid in dying.

Pharmacist2Pharmacist is ready with information and guidance to answer questions about medical aid in dying.

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