My wife chose to end her life after battling cancer. Now I fight for others to have that choice – Brittany Maynard’s Catholic widower, Dan Diaz, shares his wife’s experiences with navigating access to aid-in-dying, and discusses the Church’s opposition to medical aid in dying despite support among the Catholic community at large.

Terminally Ill, He Wanted Aid-In-Dying. His Catholic Hospital Said No. – An individual suffering from terminal cancer sought to access medical aid in dying at the Catholic hospital where he was treated.

Medical Emergency: The Church-State Wall Has Collapsed When It Comes To End-Of-Life Care – An op-ed by Compassion & Choices’ President and CEO, Kim Callinan, on the lack of separation between church and state in health care and when navigating access to end-of-life care.

At Catholic Hospitals, a ‘Right to Life’ but Not a Right to Death – This article discusses the conflict that arises in 5 states where medical aid in dying is legal, but is prohibited by Catholic hospitals.