Consider these questions when discussing your unique heart failure experience with your physician.

I want to plan for my future and I need your clinical guidance to help me navigate my heart condition so I can make informed decisions that are meaningful to me.

➔ What stage is my heart failure at this time?

➔ What is my ejection fraction? How do you expect this to change over time?

➔ Could you help me understand my trajectory or my prognosis based on your knowledge of my current health?

➔ Are there complications common to heart failure that I should anticipate?

➔ What symptoms do patients with heart failure often experience? How are they managed?

➔ What options do I have for life-extending care?

➔ What options are available should I prefer to focus on my comfort and quality of life rather than prolonging my life?

I want to do what I can now to direct my future care.

➔ Could we take some time to explore my values and how my heart failure could impact my quality of life?

➔ Would you support me in completing my advance care plans?

➔ Would you discuss my wishes on the POLST/MOST form?

➔ Could you help me advocate for my wishes so my loved ones understand my choices?

➔ At what point would you consider referring me to palliative care?

➔ When should we discuss transitioning to hospice?