Status of Medical aid in dying  

Medical Aid in Dying is authorized in Montana!  

Medical aid in dying became available in Montana when the state Supreme Court ruled in favor of terminally ill U.S. Marine veteran Bob Baxter in 2009, finding that “[The] Rights of the Terminally Ill Act clearly provides that terminally ill patients are entitled to autonomous end-of-life decisions.” Compassion & Choices litigated this court case. 

In 2023, anti-choice lawmaker State Sen. Carl Glimm (R-Kila), introduced Senate Bill 210 (read our bill summary here) the “Physician Imprisonment Act.” Fortunately, it failed on the Senate floor, and medical aid in dying remains an end-of-life option for the residents of Montana.  

Legislative Activities in 2023

Six months ago, given the election results, which shifted the political makeup of the state Legislature to make it decidedly unfriendly toward bodily autonomy issues, it seemed like a foregone conclusion that the opposition's biannual efforts to criminalize medical aid in dying might be successful in 2023.  

Despite the odds being stacked against us, we had a few key elements working in our favor, including the fact that lawmakers were completely out of step with most of their constituents and that Compassion & Choices had the most amazing, dedicated volunteers who refused to give up. 

Given the political climate in the state, our only hope of stopping this bill was in the state Senate. Despite intensive efforts by Compassion & Choices, our in-state lobbyist and Compassion & Choices volunteers, the “Physician Imprisonment Act” committee. The second read on the floor was 26 to 24 in favor of criminalizing the practice of medical aid in dying. 

We commissioned a survey that showed  88% of Montanans opposed the  bill. After the release of our survey, media support and aggressive lobbying by Montana residents and our in-state lobbyist, three lawmakers changed their vote. 

In the end, Senate Bill 210 failed 24-26 on its third and final reading. Together, we were able to successfully defeat this bill and keep medical aid in dying authorized in Montana. 

VICTORY: SB 210 is defeated in the Senate, however we are already preparing for another fight. If you agree with 88% of Montanas who reject lawmakers attempt at criminalizing medical aid in dying, let lawmakers know today.

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