Status of Medical aid in dying

Medical aid in dying bills are being considered in the state Legislature. 

On Wednesday, February 7, 2024, The End of Life Options Act was moved favorably out of the Joint Committee on Public Health for the 3rd consecutive session. The bill came out as a Senate bill, carrying the House bill. The bill numbers have not changed (S.1331/H.2246), and we are waiting for the bill to be assigned to the next committee.

Legislative Work in 2023

Building on over a decade of work in Massachusetts by Compassion & Choices, Compassion & Choices Action Network and others, we enter this legislative session with the wind beneath our wings: For the first time ever, we have the public support of the governor on our side! In December of 2022, Governor Maura Healey publicly stated her support for medical aid in dying. 

Massachusetts has a two-year legislative cycle, and we don’t anticipate hearings until later in the year. However, the 2023 Senate and House bills were both well-received. There were already 47 House sponsors and 13 Senate sponsors in the first month. Our lobbyists, staff on the ground and volunteers continue to generate support and momentum in the state, working alongside our partner organizations.

The Massachusetts End of Life Options Act would authorize medical aid in dying in Massachusetts, bringing the full range of end-of-life care options to terminally ill Massachusetts residents. Email your lawmakers today and urge them to cosponsor the bill.

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